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About Labor Street

We’ve been handling data, process, and staffing in large litigation for thirty years. We’ve built software and run operations for litigation worth billions of dollars, and we’ve given our clients an advantage by providing them with insightful data under tight time pressures. 

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Custom Software

We design and build software that fits the specific needs of your case.

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Litigation Operations

We design, staff, and manage operations to support your case.

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Damages Analysis

We analyze large quantities of data to estimate damages.

Jim Feuerstein

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Jim Feuerstein is our lead application designer.

Jim works with our clients, our process experts, and our development team to craft applications that perfectly fit each client's unique business needs.

Over his career, Jim has built software for law firms, for several of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, for retail chains, for manufacturers, and for non-profits.

At his first company, which he later sold, Jim created a legal market product that led the industry and was installed in top firms in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jim's expertise is wedding an understanding of his client's business with his understanding of the applicable technology to create a unique and powerful application.

Jim Feurstein Principal of Labor Street
Jane Gennarelli Principal of Labor Street

Jane Gennarelli

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Jane Gennarelli is our lead process designer and project management expert.

Jane works with clients to rationalize and improve their internal processes, integrating them with the custom software that Labor Street designs.

Over the years, she has helped clients in multiple industries to redefine core processes to make them more effective.

In the legal industry, she wrote the book—literally—on managing litigation information. Her best practices methodology was put to use at firms ranging from the very largest to solo practitioners. In fact, 36% of the top 200 firms in the country installed her best practices tool.

For some clients, Jane has initiated or reorganized critical departments, stepping in to manage the department as it either started up or reorganized, training the staff in the use of project management tools and methodology, running the organization and mentoring personnel, and then stepping away as the client's own people learned the techniques and became top-notch managers themselves.

Jane Gennarelli - About

Neal Alan Frank

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Neal is our lead developer, responsible for taking a big-picture design—a vision of the application—and turning it into a functioning application.

Working with other members of the team, Neal defines the overall structure of the application, the broad processes that are to be implemented under the hood, and the standard look and feel that will be applied across the entire application. He then turns that design into useful software.

Neal has developed applications for companies in the oil and gas, education, manufacturing and printing industries. He specializes in extending application functionality to mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Neal Alan Frank Lead Developr of Labor Street
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