Project Examples

We’ve undertaken a wide range of projects over the years, frequently under tight time constraints. Not all of those projects have been for law firms—we've also done a lot of commercial work. Read about some of our projects below.

  • Client Support Center

    Our law firm client represented nearly 20,000 small businesses in a major lawsuit. We created a department within the firm to manage the relationships with those clients. We built software, hired and trained staff, and designed & managed the process.

  • Damages Analysis

    Our corporate client was being sued over contract pricing and needed to analyze ten years of sales data for tens of thousands of business customers. We collected the data and built software to analyze it for potential exposure.

  • Mail Review Tool

    In an embezzlement investigation, our client had already employed forensic experts to capture and preserve raw data, but the client’s lawyers wanted a tool to simplify their review of emails for the suspected participants.

  • Opt Out Project

    We managed a process to collect ‘wet signature’ opt out forms from about 15,000 clients in a major piece of litigation. Our client - based on experience in prior litigation - hoped for a 75% success rate. We got 95%.

  • First Party Matter Management 

    Our law firm client was handling thousands of first-party claims, primarily relating to hail damage, using a cloud-based matter management system. That system wasn’t a good fit with the firm’s processes, so we built a custom database designed around their process that included calendar, deadlines, journaling, documents, and expenses.

  • Claim Submission Workflow

    Our law firm client represented about 20,000 individuals, more than half of whom did not use computers, and assisted them in submitting claims against a large settlement fund. Our workflow made sure the claims forms were accurate and routed them to an attorney if special handling was required.

  • Manufacturing Software

    Our client extracts oils from plants for use in fragrances. We developed software to manage the extraction, sampling, analysis, reservation, and sales processes.

  • Gas Pipeline Software

    This custom software tracked and managed pipeline construction projects. It incorporated both a central office component and an iPad-based field component.

  • Home Inspection Software

    This application had components for both field and central office staff. The central office assigned various types of inspections to field personnel, who used iPads to complete complex inspection forms and sync the results back to the office.


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