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Road Service -

Asset Manager



We built our first asset manager for a retail chain.

They wanted to know which employees held which assets — ranging from company cars to building keys and combinations for the safe in each store. And they wanted easy access to the service history, purchase, and lease documents for every major piece of equipment.

That application quickly evolved into something more.

We added the capability for store managers to place service requests for any piece of equipment in the store. A service request immediately showed up in a list monitored by the company’s facility management team (and, if the need was urgent — air conditioner failure, for example — team members also received a text message).

Within the application, facility managers could book a service provider near to the store and let the store manager know that help was on the way. And, when the problem was fixed, the store manager could rate the service provider.

From the perspective of the facility management team, however, the best feature was the detailed information available for each and every asset. The system tracked descriptive information (manufacturer, model, serial number, and so on), purchase and lease information, maintenance history, user documentation, and the complete assignment history of that asset over time.

And, when an employee left the company, management knew everything that had been signed out to that employee, whether it was a company car, the passcode to the store’s alarm system, or an account on the company’s Mail Chimp service, so that physical assets could be recovered and accounts could be closed.

Over time, we’ve received input from multiple clients that have helped us to refine and generalize the functionality of our Road Service asset management tool. And with your input, we can quickly customize it to fit your operation.

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