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Sandblaster -

Litigation Notebook



Our Sandblaster litigation notebook helps you to organize your case — the documents, testimony, and work product — and to build the ‘story’ you need to tell, issue by issue, witness by witness.

The Sandblaster has four core components:

Discovery Documents
Store the key documents in your case — including images and native files, descriptions, and notes. All the documents are searchable.

Transcripts and Digests
Load the text of your depositions and use the Sandblaster digesting tool to create brief summaries tied to line, page, and the original text.

Build timelines for your case, incorporating documents, testimony and your own work product.

Issue, Witness and Fact Binders
Organize your documents into electronic ring binders for key witnesses, issues, and fact areas. Add notes to each document to discuss its relevance to the binders into which you’ve put it. Share the binders among all members of your team or keep personal binders for your own work only.

Like all our software, our Sandblaster starter application is based on the Steamroller Core™ function library, so it has all the power built into that library.

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