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We can build your software from scratch, and sometimes that makes the most sense. But before you decide, take a look at our pre-built starters.

A street map for Street Map software at Labor Street

Street Map - Matter Management

Matter management software that works for any kind of litigation. It tracks all the parties, activity, documents, and status. Customized for your practice. Optionally integrate your email and calendar.

Sandblaster - Litigation Notebook

Organize the documents and testimony in your litigation. Build witness books, issue books, fact books and timelines.

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Road Service - Asset Tracker

Track all your firm’s property — physical assets, software, licenses, leases, cloud accounts, building keys, alarm codes. Know who is responsible for each, what contracts you’ve got, who does maintenance, what it originally cost, and when it needs to be renewed or replaced.

Steamroller Core - Advanced Function Library

The Steamroller Core™ advanced function library lies at the heart of every custom application we build, enabling us to implement powerful functionality with a minimum of code.

Claris FileMaker - Database Software

We build our applications on top of the FileMaker® platform, a powerful database and development tool from Apple’s Claris subsidiary. It lets us distribute our applications to Macs, Windows, iPads, iPhones, and web browsers, using a single code base.

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