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Matter Management



Over the years, we’ve designed and built a lot of matter management systems for law firms and corporate law departments. Some of them were generalized — aimed at managing all the matters handled by a law firm. Others were very specific — aimed at handling hundreds or thousands of related cases — for example, all the cases involving a single pharmaceutical product.

Each of those systems had its own unique characteristics, either because of the nature of the cases or because of the specialized processes of our client.

But in spite of those unique features, they all shared some other things in common, and we’ve developed powerful tools for handling those common features.

For example, although the fact profiles of each kind of case might be different, our client will always want to track — for each matter — things like this:

  • The names and roles of everyone involved, including their contact information

  • The staff members responsible for handling the case

  • The current status of the case

  • Deadlines

  • Calendar events

  • Documents, organized into ‘folders’

  • Expenses attributable to the matter

  • Tasks that need to be completed

  • A journal of all activity and communications

And, in addition to tracking data for each matter, our clients typically also want:

  • A ‘contacts’ list where they can find everyone who’s ever been involved in any of their cases, along with the role they played in each case

  • A complete and searchable ‘documents’ file, where they can find every document related to a particular topic or person, no matter the case in which it was filed

  • A searchable ‘calendar’ of all activity, regardless of case

Sometimes, lawyers would also like to have their email or their personal Outlook calendars integrated into the system.
We’ve done those things so many times that we’ve got standard templates for each of them, completely integrated with our Steamroller Core™ library, so that we never have to start from scratch. And, because law firms are our focus, you don’t have to spend time educating us about how litigation works.

Contact us to learn more about how we can jump-start your matter management system with our Street Map starter system.

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