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Handmade software for your law firm

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Case Management

Track everything that’s going on in every matter.

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Asset Management

Get a handle on everything the firm owns — hardware, software, cloud accounts — and who’s responsible for each.

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Calendar Management

Track deadlines, assign tasks, manage meetings — integrated with your Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar.

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Damage Calculations

Know more than the other guy about what your case is worth, based on the data.

Documents labor street
Document Management

File your documents securely and retrieve them reliably.

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Case Building

Organize all your documents and testimony around the story you’re building.

Fast development

We use rapid development tools, including our own Steamroller Core™ module library, so we can move quickly from design to implementation.

Continuous upgrades

We get your software in place quickly, but we don’t stop there. As you work with it, you’ll have more ideas, and we won’t make you wait for the ‘next release’.

Personal assistance

Sometimes, when time is short and you’ve got a big deadline, you could use a helping hand. We’re good at that.

Process design

It isn’t enough to have good software, you also need good processes. We’ve been designing and implementing litigation processes for just as long as we’ve been building software.

Staffing and project management

When you land a big case and have to work with lots of data, you may need staff. We can set up case-specific staffing for big and small projects. And we can manage those projects.

Why custom software?

We can think of four very good reasons...

You have a specialized practice
If you have a specialized practice, the odds are good you also have some specialized processes. Off-the-shelf software forces you to bend your process to fit the software, and that reduces your advantage. With custom software, we build the software around your process, leveraging your advantage.

You have a big case with lots of data
This happens a lot, both to big defense firms and to aggressive plaintiff firms. With rare exceptions, the firm that has the best handle on the data wins the damages war. (Although, to be fair, the lawyers without a good handle on the data usually aren’t even aware that they lost it).

You want control over the details
Custom software does exactly what you want in exactly the way you want to do it. And any time you want to change something, you can. It’s yours.

You want to know where your data is
A lot of software companies today put your data in their cloud. That’s convenient, but it means the data is no longer under your direct control. With a custom solution, you have a choice. You can put the data in the cloud, or you can keep it in-house. You decide where your data lives.

Tell Us About Your Case

We've been building law firm software for more than 30 years

We’ve built software for case management, discovery management, and time-tracking; we’ve also built case-specific software for really big litigation, many with more than a billion dollars at stake. Over the years, we’ve worked for dozens of Fortune 100 corporate clients, for big defense firms, and for small but aggressive plaintiff firms.

Client Testimonials

Not all our clients are law firms, although that’s the core of our business. In litigation, it’s essential that we rapidly get a solid understanding of the business that underlies the litigation. That skill serves us well when we develop software for our commercial clients.

So we’re including testimonials here from not only one of our biggest law firm clients, but also from a pair of our commercial clients — a security service and a manufacturer. For every client, we learn their business and their process, we build an application, and we stay involved as they use the tools we build.

“We would not have been able to manage all the information in our litigation without the tools provided by Labor Street. We certainly would not have been able to respond to short-deadline requests from the court without that assistance.”


“Since developing our software, Labor Street’s people have been available when we needed help, whether it was adding a new feature, assisting us with FileMaker licenses, or helping us to find hosting services. They were there for us.”


“The plant management software developed for us by Labor Street has made it much easier to track where we stand each day, and it makes it possible for me to remotely monitor plant activities.”


"Your process should be your advantage. Build it into your software - don't let your software dictate it."

Jim Feuerstein
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