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Our Litigation Services

We give your firm an advantage in large litigation — the software, staff, and expertise to handle data and deadlines, staying a step ahead of the other side.

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Custom Software

We design and build software that fits the specific needs of your case.

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Litigation Operations

We design, staff, and manage operations to support your case.

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Damages Analysis

We analyze large quantities of data to estimate damages.

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Custom Software

We design and build software that fits your business. Using our Steamroller Core™ modules library, we’re able to build sophisticated, rich software very quickly. The key is to design that software so it really fits your operation, and then to help you implement processes that use the software effectively.

  • Software Design

  • Software Development

  • Process Design

  • Software Documentation

  • Process Documentation

  • Process Implementation

  • Staff Training

  • Litigation Software

  • Manufacturing Software

  • Retail Software

Litigation Operations Center

Large litigation can require processes and staffing that exceed a law firm’s ordinary requirements and expertise. We can step in and establish an operation that meets those needs and is dynamic — it's there when it’s needed, it's gone when it’s not. We can build operations at the client’s location or off-site. And we can build the software to support the operation. We do as much — or as little — as the client requires.

  • Operation design

  • Space design

  • Staffing

  • Training

  • Management

  • Space acquisition

  • Equipment acquisition

  • Budgeting

  • Vendor management

Damages Analysis

Most litigation ends in settlement. To intelligently negotiate a settlement, however, it’s critical that you understand the damages. That’s not always clear-cut — damage estimates can vary depending on assumptions — but they ought to be based on real data and on recognition and understanding of any assumptions you’re making. We can work with you and your experts to get a handle on it all.

  • Data collection

  • Data compression

  • Assumption modeling

  • Scenario creation

  • Individualized calculations

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