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Claris FileMaker -

Database Software



The FileMaker platform, from Apple’s Claris subsidiary, is hard to describe. And if you talk to one hundred different users, you’re likely to get one hundred different explanations of what it is. Here are a few of them:

  • It’s a powerful, server-based relational database

  • It’s a powerful standalone, desktop relational database

  • It’s an advanced developer environment that enables professional developers to build applications that run on servers, desktops, phones, and tablets

  • It’s a low-code, no-code development environment that allows regular office staff to solve their problems quickly and efficiently

  • It’s a data repository that can support multi-terabyte files on a server

  • It’s a terrific, more powerful replacement for a spreadsheet on your desktop

As professional developers, we use the FileMaker platform to develop sophisticated, powerful business applications. We like it because — from a single code base — it enables us to distribute our applications to Windows computers, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and web browsers. We like it because it lets us develop software rapidly. We like it because our clients can easily host and manage it on an in-house server, or, if they prefer, they can put it in the Cloud. We like it because our clients can, with very little training, begin solving data problems right on their own desktops, replacing spreadsheets with a much more powerful tool.

Form your own impressions. You can learn more about FileMaker here.

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