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Steamroller Core -

Advanced Function Library



Every application we build has, at its heart, our Steamroller Core™ advanced function library.


That’s software we’ve developed over about fifteen years, constantly refining and enhancing it. The Steamroller Core library gives us four terrific advantages:

First, it lets us develop applications much more quickly. We don’t have to spend hundreds of hours getting details right, because those details are already developed and refined within the Core library. We just need to specify a set of parameters to activate them. That saves us calendar days of development and — probably more important — it cuts billable hours.

Second, it lets us provide a richness of functionality that we couldn’t ordinarily justify for a custom application. The reality for most custom developers is that their clients’ budgets limit the richness of the applications they develop. But thanks to the Steamroller Core library, that kind of richness is cost-effective and available to every application we build.

Third, it incorporates best practices into all the functionality it delivers. The functionality within the Steamroller Core library has been developed over many years. In that time, we’ve discovered what works best, and we’ve built those ‘best’ approaches into each function.

And fourth, because the Steamroller Core functions have been tested over and over, they keep bugs at bay. Bugs are an expected part of any software, but we’ve really reduced them through the Core library.

Here are some of the advanced functions that are pre-built within the Steamroller Core library:

  • Rich, multi-file account management, including granular, customizable privileges, password standards, and random password generation

  • Highly granular, table-driven navigation

  • Enhanced quick-search and advanced search functionality

  • Configurable and selectable search constraints

  • Easily integrated link-searching

  • Configurable sort options

  • Highly customizable pick dialogs

  • Multi-level, user-definable value lists

  • Sophisticated edit windows with configurable validation and special behaviors

  • Advanced error dialogs

  • Custom menus

  • Table-driven plugin installation and management

  • Usage-tracking

  • Editable and shareable ‘saved lists’ and search result sets

  • Panel management

  • Multiple, suspendable sessions

All this functionality is available to our developers through a combination of APIs, custom functions, and configuration code. That means — as we’ve already mentioned above — that we can quickly add rich functionality to any application we build. And, because we’ve worked hard to build best practices into the Core library, our developers don’t ‘experiment’ when they write your code — they take advantage of the hard work we put into the Core library to get it right the first time.

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