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Loft 2203 is now Labor Street

It's still us. We've just simplified things.

Jim Feuerstein and Jane Gennarelli


We’re changing our name, kinda.

Our business goes back a lot of years. Over time, it has changed direction, and it has changed names.

Most recently, we’ve used two names. Labor Street LLC was our official, legal name, and we used it for our core business, which was custom software development and consulting. A few years ago, when we began designing websites, we created an alias (a DBA, in legal terms) for our website business. That was Loft 2203.

With two names, we also maintained two websites. One ( was focused on our software and consulting business. The other ( promoted our web development services. In addition to two websites, we also maintained two sets of email addresses, one for each business name.

Unfortunately, the demarcation between the two businesses wasn’t all that clean.

February 12, 2024

A man and a woman in suits seated on a bench. The woman wears a helmet.

After careful consideration, we've decided to change our look

For example, we had clients for whom we had done software and consulting work who wanted us to develop their websites. It seemed silly to deal with them using two names, two email accounts, and two invoices. So, for those accounts, we remained Labor Street. Only our new accounts knew us as Loft 2203.

It became hard just to keep that straight in our heads.


Over time, our business shifted to focus entirely on website development. As a result, the old Labor Street website, which talked about custom software, had become obsolete.

We decided we needed to drop one name or the other, and, because Labor Street LLC is our legal name, it just made sense to keep that name and drop Loft 2203.

So, if you’re one of our clients who knows us as Loft 2203, we’re re-branding. We’ve got a new name: Labor Street LLC. Otherwise, everything is pretty much the same.

If you’re one of our clients who knows us as Labor Street, well, we’re also kind of re-branding. We’re keeping the name, but we’re moving to the bright colors and (we think) fun design style of the Loft 2203 brand. And we’re adopting the Loft 2203 logo design, too.

Basically, we’re merging the two businesses.

For now, both sets of email addresses will work, and both of our web addresses will continue to function (but both of them will take you to our new website, which bears the Labor Street name and the Loft 2203 look).

Over time, we’ll stop using our Loft 2203 email addresses, and we’ll let the domain expire.

In spite of everything, it’s still us.

Yes, we have a new look. But it's still us.

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